Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

Kentwood Spring Water
Kentwood Spring Water

Kentwood's location on Illinois Central Gulf rail line and I-55; its proximity to I-10, 1-12, the food processing and distribution centers in and near Hammond, La., and the deep water ports on the Mississippi; its abundant land, and low cost of operations; make it an excellent choice for a business location. The high quality of its water is evident by the large number of bottled water companies that call Kentwood home. These include Kentwood Spring Water, maker of 10-K sports drink, a subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate Suntori.

Our Targeted Industries
Food Processing
Forestry Products
Recreational Boats
Furniture Manufacturing
Retirement Homes
Beverage Processing
Soft Drinks And Breweries
Finished Paper

If you are looking for a place to expand, let Kentwood Community Development Inc. answer your questions and help you decide if we have what you seek. Call us at 504-229-4656 or email us at, and of course, we will treat your inquiry as confidential.

Wood Chip Plant
Wood Chip Plant


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